Eliminate Cheating in Class.

Save Time and Energy.

Report Exams in a Second.

Ensure Fast and Accurate Results.

Get Exambler for Schools

Exambler is an online platform for teachers to easily create, grade, and report exams in seconds.
Plus, eliminate cheating in class.


Create Exams

Teachers can create their exams online by inputting their exam questions and answers and selecting which answer choice is correct. Exambler will save your exam and prepare it to be generated for print, all within a matter of seconds. Begin eliminating cheating in your classroom.

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Generate Exams

Now that your exam is created you can generate multiple versions of that exam by choosing to scramble the order of the questions and the order of the answers too. Each exam generated by Exambler will be generated with its own unique answer key online. Keep track of the multiple versions easily.

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Grade Exams

With all of the different versions for your exam there has to be an easy way to evaluate them. Exambler does just that by printing each version with a unique exam ID. All the professor needs to do is type in the exam ID and the appropriate answer key for that version will appear online. Evaluate your students in seconds.

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